T-Bis, Inc. is a Tennessee Corporation.  It has been meeting its customers needs since March 2000.


Our Purpose is to improve the financial wellbeing of our clients by providing long-term sustainable solutions. This requires continually refining our problem solving practices and technology solutions to provide value.

We truly believe that education will lead to improvement.  Technology is a tool that can be orchestrated to increase communication and efficiency when utilized properly under the correct conditions.  Our mission is to challenge our customers to help themselves and assist them in designing and implementing the solution that works -to coach and educate, not consult.  Through this approach our clients will become self-reliant and continue to grow regardless of market circumstances.

By maintaining our purpose we will provide a value to our customers and be confident in them recommending our services to others.   Our gratification while partially financial comes from knowing we have improved our customer’s business.



The following are examples of the knowledge base our company brings when working with you on a solution.

  • We have extensive experience operating as project managers on technology and business integration initiatives.
  • We understand the implications of technology within the corporate and dealer environment.
  • We know the Dealer Management Systems of Reynolds& Reynolds, ADP and UCS.  We as dealership personnel have used the systems and had to work within their technology.  Furthermore, we got these systems to work these systems to work for us and enhance our business practices instead of fighting the system.  We do the same for our customers.
  • We understand the current working of internet technology, the needs of firewall protection, establishing the proper technology architecture and employing those solutions in the field.
  • We have designed and employed solutions that require integration across different software technologies.  We understand the requirements, transactions and business needs so that all the entities in the project get their needs met.
  • We have over 20 years of automotive dealership and corporate experience that allows us to have a unique perspective from our competitors.  It gives us the understand of the business needs, financial and political restrictions in both environments.
  • Above all we understand that technology is merely a tool, business requires people and processes to get things done.  We know how to integrate technology with your people and processes and provide a Return on Investment.

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