Corporate Solutions

Our experience in dealership operations goes beyond the dealer level to the corporate level.  Our knowledge in the procedures and process within the dealership allow us to aid our corporate customers with implementation of projects to support the Fixed operations of their dealer body.  The T-Bis key is aligning People, Process and Technology…aligning your technology with the processes so the dealership personnel adopt the change quickly and it can be sustained.

Technology is an ever growing and evolving piece of our industry.  T-Bis has the ability to work with our corporate partners and integrate technology into the dealership environment successfully.  We are versed in business specification writing which allows us to take the objectives of the manufacturer and convert those ideas into a business specification for technology implementation.  This ability along with our training expertise allows the corporate customer to not only design a product that will be used, but can be sustained.

Business Solutions – Thoughts into Words

Converting business objectives to a computer application.  This skill is rare within the training and consulting field.  We have the experience of being able to take the business requirements a manufacturer has and convert those into a business specification that your supplier can use to design an application.  All to often you have an idea of the technology you wish to create and how it should work.  Unfortunately the net result is usually a compromise because the supplier does not understand you needs from a technology sense.  We understand the language and can convert your business requirement into a specification your supplier will understand.

Implementation – Integration Training

Dealership training can consist of several different aspects.  On-site implementation of projects or programs, field personnel, or remote training such as web conferencing.  T-Bis will work with you to adopt the best training strategy and then implement that strategy within your budget.  Our solutions are based on developing a sustained solution.  You created the product to be used.  You do not need to pay for training and then re-training for the same product.

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