If you are coming to this page via the LinkedIn advertisement please know that T-Bis is the parent company to CME & Associates.

Market Sales Representative

Immediate Opportunities Available

T-Bis, Inc. has immediate opportunities available for experienced consulting and sales personnel.

The Fixed Operations 360 initiative includes the sale of the Quick Service and Flex Inspect packages to dealership clients.  Due to significant volume, we need personnel immediately to assist in this endeavor.  An overview of the job requirements are as follows:

  • The position will be contractor based.
  • This can be a full or part time position depending on candidate. 
  • Responsibilities will include
    • Contacting leads to gauge interest of the product.  *These are not cold-calls.  These customers have already been contacted via the call center and are looking for a salesperson to coordinate with them on the products.
    • Selling the proposed equipment and completing associated paperwork.
  • Travel:  The travel will be local (within a 100 mile radius, this will differ for metro areas).  Any travel outside the market will be reimbursed and coordinated with management.
  • Income – this position can range from several hundred $ to $12,000 per month depending on commitment of the salesperson.
  • Product Descriptions
    • Bosch Quick Service Platform:  The Quick Service tool is a service system that reduces the time taken to complete oil changes and tire rotations up to 50%.  The platform includes equipment and training. 
    • Bosch Flex Inspect tool:  The Flex Inspect tool supplements the lane sales process by providing customized information to the service advisors and shop regarding the condition of the batter, brakes and tires.  The benefit of this platform is that it is a drive over (non-stopping) platform that integrates items found into the DMS for easy addition to the repair order.
    • Peripheral tools and equipment related to these tools can be sold.
  • Recommended Experience:
    • Automotive Training/Consulting – Consulting experience will enable the salesperson to provide the added value argument and identify the key areas for improvement. This can assist the dealership in its quick service and lane sales performance.
    • Sales Professionals – Salespeople that have sold any type of equipment in a dealership environment will find this a excellent opportunity

This is a great opportunity for different types of individuals that may be looking for full-time, part-time or simply an opportunity to supplement your income.  Automotive professionals that are in a dealership already can work with the team to sell additional items and supplement their income.  Consultants that have a client base now have an additional item to add to their “toolbox” and add to their market value. 

Please contact us to inquire about this position